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              About us

                Shenzhen Altech Co,LTD. is committed to manufacturing high performance Aluminum Alloy and composite materials development and production of high-tech companies, all have independent intellectual property rights developed patents and copyrights of more than 20, won the support of the government several times of science and technology innovation. From 2014, the company began to transform into the research and development, production of new types of aluminum alloy materials for the main business, mainly in the face of new energy automotive materials, electrical materials, conductors and welding wire base materials and other professional markets. A series of new high performance alloy company developed, has a good performance in conductivity, strength, elongation, thermal conductivity and creep resistance, etc., are widely used in electric power...

              OUR ADVANTAGE

              High tech manufacturing company dedicated to the development and production of high performance aluminum alloy and Its Composites Independent research and development of intellectual property patents and copyrights, such as more than 20 inventions, access to the government's scientific and technological innovation to support multiple
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